Apr. 29th, 2017 09:43 pm
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In all, I'm not having a great weekend.

At this moment, I'm in the business center area of the Sands Hotel of Rehoboth Beach, DE. This weekend is the 31st annual "Pass the Ocean, Hon!" square dance festival hosted by the Chesapeake Squares.

Most of my bad mood is due to external factors which I admit shouldn't bother me overmuch, but since I'm feeling a bit trapped so I have little else to dwell on, which in turn generates an ugly feedback loop.

I'd rather not have attended this weekend, but we have all the sound equipment stored in our basement so they really need us to come. I'm no longer a club caller and have withdrawn from all other activities & management rolls with the host club, but I still come in support of Kent who is still a club caller for them, and Michael likes visiting Rehoboth.

The traffic getting here Friday was, as usual, pure hell. Rehoboth Beach is the weekend getaway destination for most of the Washington-Baltimore corridore, and the Chesapeake Bay forces traffic into a handful of choke points which make comfortable travel very difficult. This year it's worse because of road construction in the same bottlenecks. In all, I was in a fairly bad mood before I even arrived in Rehoboth.

Checking into the hotel was a bit of a nightmare: there was a long line and only two people staffing the front. It was a long wait, then a wait again as they demanded Michael be present to show his ID as one of the co-occupants whose names were on the room reservation (they didn't care about Kent because his name wasn't on the reservation, although they knew a third person would be in the room).

Once we were checked in, I then realized there is no desk or work table in our room. I have no plans to dance at this square dance convention, but there was also no place where I could work on my own projects. Dammit.

Fortunately, I discovered there was a side room off the lobby which is technically described as their lounge bar where there are some work desks. It takes an enormous stretch to envision this as a lounge, especially since there is no bar in sight. That said, I'm sitting in a fishbowl: windows on three sides and a walkway behind me, so everything on my screen is visible to the planet. Yeah, definitely not doing anything NSFW, but also nothing which might be thought of as work-sensitive, proprietary or confidential. PITA.

So in all, I'm somewhere I don't want to be, not being able to do things I'd hope to accomplish.

What I really need right at this moment is a back & shoulder rub. I'm still tense from yesterday's chest workout at the gym, as well as the stress of driving here.

And so since I'm doing little more than whining here, I'm going to sign off for tonight and consider just reading the rest of the evening away.

Date: 2017-04-30 10:09 pm (UTC)
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Hope the rest of the weekend went well. I thought it was amusing that Bill Harrison contacted me a couple days ago, asking me to help him set up a dance in Albuquerque before CALLERLAB next year.

See you in a few days, even if you're not dancing any longer!

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