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Canadian GWM, 50, living in the vicinity of Washington DC in an open relationship with one hubby of 20 years and a third of ten years who moved to DC to be with us. Unix geek, square dancer & caller and avid consumer of more chocolate (pref. dark) than can possibly be healthy for any human being or would-be primate.

I was raised on a dairy farm in northern Ontario, close to Charlton. I did some time at the University of Waterloo before taking a full-time job in Toronto and eventually became support staff at the University of Toronto. In 1995, I met Kent at a GALA Chorus' convention in St. Louis, MO; since my line of work was more portable than his, I moved to the US in 1996. We've been ecstatically co-habiting ever since. DC isn't my favourite city on the planet but it is home for better or worse, and we have a comfortable life here.

I have a web site, and am on LinkedIn and Facebook. I also have a square dance caller fan page on FaceBook. Ping me if you'd like to link in.

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ObDisclaimer: This is the journal of an adult gay male and as such may include images or discussions of a frank (adult) nature. Persons under the age of majority in their area should not proceed to read my journal. This disclaimer is placed here in cooperation with LiveJournal's policy.
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