May. 13th, 2017 10:51 am
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My regular gym, not-so-affectionately known as the slum gym, is still under renovations and won't re-open until May 22. (Side note: my 3yr membership expires May 25, so their renovations will largely determine if I renew. Make it good, guys!) This week, I had a couple of visits to the data center so I was able to use the excellent gym in Sterling, VA, close to work. This morning, however, I had to go to nearest LA Fitness, AKA the shanty town gym.

It's serviceable but it's just so low, low, low class. The gym itself has a long history of not keeping up with repairs on equipment: at least 15% of the treadmills & ellipticals are offline at any given time, sometimes more, and the staff have reached a point of complacence that they don't even bother posting "out of order" signs any longer. The sauna & pool are offline again, as they seem to spend most of their existence.

My biggest complaint is always about the weight & strength equipment as that's my primary area of interest. All of the equipment is in a relatively small space so one has to take extreme care not to accidentally step into someone else's workout, or even have to coordinate your own lifts with theirs to ensure you don't collide.

There are only two bench press stations, so I worked very hard to get in precisely at 8am when they opened today and get to the floor ahead of the crowd. I did well, I was the third person to arrive. Sadly, both one & two both went directly to the bench press stations and kept them for a half-hour each. Two spent most of that time typing on his mobile phone while sitting on the bench, but refused to let anyone else tag in. (At least One was using his bench extensively and on high weights so it was impractical to tag in with him: it would take more time to offload & reload weights than we would have gained by alternating, and since he was making good use of the equipment, I can't begrudge him that.)

I'm used to gyms piping in dance music interspersed with commercials & promotional announcements about their services. I'm also accustomed to people wearing their own iPod & earphones. I'm not at all familiar with the practice of people bringing their own portable stereos to play. Nothing quite like having 2-3 different people bringing their own clashing styles of music for all to (ahem) enjoy!

My gut instinct is to say that bringing & playing a stereo in public like that is a trashy move. In my experience, I think it's a rude, inconsiderate and frankly, low class move. Since my experience doesn't cover the entire planet, I have to wonder: is this acceptable behavior somewhere? Am I being culturally insensitive on this point, or could I "accidentally" drop a 75lb dumbbell on his stereo?

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